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CLATUU fat freezing

At LUXE our beauty therapists now offer The Gold Standard Solution to Reduce Stubborn Fat.

CLATUU ALPHA is the world No.1 Dualsculpting system with precise 360° cooling that achieves maximum coverage of the treatment area and provides fast and effective fat-freezing treatments. The CLATUU system maintains a constant target temperature that prevents unwanted side effects. We have specifically chosen this machine for it's proven track record of clinical efficiancy.

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Fat Freezing

Areas we can treat;

Fast and Easy Applicator Exchange the CLATUU Alpha allows maximum convenience and makes switching cooling cups as simple as possible. 

The CLATUU ALPHA’S wide range of cooling cups are designed to conform to a large variety of body shapes and patients. Each individual cup helps to achieve a variety of customised treatment plans to effectively reduce fat cells for the ultimate dual sculpting body contouring experience.

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clatuu alpha

clatuu alpha

Believe in Cool Finally! A treatment superior to any workout, injections, or dieting regimen. The CLATUU Alpha freezes off stubborn fat providing complete coverage anywhere on your body. • Freeze Your Fat Away • Cooling from Chin to Knees • Lunchtime Procedure • No Needles, No Injections • Zero Downtime What is the CLATUU Alpha advantage? The CLATUU Alpha can non-invasively freeze off fat from your double chin and down to the knees, thanks to a wider range of applicators equipped with 360° Surround Cooling Technology. Customise a session with your doctor and comfortably experience body contouring like no other. How is fat naturally removed from the body by the CLATUU Alpha? Once the cooling cup suctions the target region, it generates cooling energy into the thick of your stubborn fat bulges. During and after the treatment, the targeted fat begins to die off upon crystallization, and is eventually metabolized as naturally as the salad you had for brunch. Can I get additional treatments after my CLATUU Alpha session? Certainly! Depending on the thickness of the area treated, check with your doctor if you qualify for additional treatments 4 weeks after your first session. In addition, you can also receive immediate massage therapy for boosting circulation to apply the finishing touches to the look you desire. Is the CLATUU Alpha right for me? If you struggle with love handles, a chubby abdominal girth, flabby arms, or even a hanging double chin that just won’t burn off simply from your morning jogs and costly dieting regimens, talk to your doctor and see how the CLATUU Alpha fits you.
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